Lexxi and the power of prayer

From Nicole:
WOW…God is so amazing. Lexxi has made an unbelievable turn in the last few hours. I started by holding her when I arrived here this morning. Last night was really the first time she was tolerating anyone picking her up. She’s just been so weak she didnt want to leave her crib. This morning some changes have been made from a medical point of view. They have stopped the steroids and the lasix. They have taken her off the high flow oxygen machine and placed her on regular oxygen. The transition went well and her SATS of maintained…(amazing) as yesterday when we tried a slow wean off the machine her SATS decreased to a dangerous level. They are feeding her every three hours (baby formula) through her NG tube (nasal gastro) and she is tolerating it well. She had a good sleep, was up to cough a couple times but otherwise slept pretty sound. Mum stayed with her last night (a big thank you) as she is feeling a lot better. She says she was able to have a pretty good sleep too. Paul and I were able to stay at home and sleep in our own bed. (Big difference in the quality of rest) So, I feel human again today.

Today Lexxi reached out to ask for me to pick her up. I picked her up very carefully with all the wires attached to her. I was then able to offer her some breastmilk. She said no but then took it! I think this stimulated an appetite because a short time later she said and signed “eat”. I asked her if she wanted cereal “no”, yogurt “no”, egg “yeah”. Then she said “nana”. I said you want mumma to go get you an egg? “no , nanna” You want nanna to go get you an egg? “yeah” We asked her a few times and got the same answer everytime. We called over to IRENE fish and chips and they were able to prepare a poached egg and a double sided buttered piece of whole wheat toast! (her favourite)

The whole time mum was gone (maybe 10 or 15 min) she said “eat”…! She ate the whole egg, half the toast and a few bites of yogurt. She then signed all done. After breakfast she then had a “warm shampoo cap” to wash her hair…see below. (These would be great for camping!) Shes been sitting up in bed playing with a tea set ever since. The color in her face has gone from white to pink again!

I cant tell you how this HAS TO BE THE POWER OF GOD and YOUR PRAYERS! To go from flat out and unable to breath, sit up or eat to this is just overwhelmingly positive. Thankyou so much for all your prayers. There is talk of her moving to the regular floor soon (tonite or tomorrow perhaps).

We will keep you updated on her progress. Please pray that we will get a great nurse tonite and on the floor. The two nurses Brian and Jen who have been caring for he in the PCCU have been simply amazing-going above and beyond the call of duty!