Make Life Count

The goal of the 40 Days of Discipleship is:
Make life count and see the difference when real people help real people.

We do that by providing:

  • resources that are easy to use and easy to share using daily emails and shared digital files.
  • technology that displays the good decisions that people make  and a platform to make coaching possible.
  • just-in-time coaching wherever you are in your journey. You can write in as often as you like. We  will journey together and grow through life’s challenges.

The 40 Days of Discipleship is a Jesus-centred resource on how to learn to be His disciple taking only minutes a day. This is for new believers with many questions or for more mature believers who want to deepen their relationship with Jesus and learn to help others.

  • The first series, The DNA of Discipleship, will teach you how to learn from the Bible and so it nicely complements other discipleship systems that focus on what to learn.
  • The second series, The Five Verbs of Learning, presents action steps for learners to imitate Jesus. These verbs are imagine, connect, risk, reflect and celebrate.
  • It is free and provides opportunity to practice discipleship skills as well as just learn theory. As we learn these new patterns, it is easier to pass them on to others.

We are grateful to Neil Cole for his ideas on the DNA of Discipleship that has guided us in this series.

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