Alexxa is getting better

Just got this in from Naomi┬┤s brother Peter:
I was with Lexxi from 8 pm and she has just come through a time of wanting to talk and pull herself out of bed about 10ish. They are going to try getting her off the IV and onto taking food. For now through the stomach tube and cut down on the IV fluids over night. Her heart rate has stabilized at 80 to 95 resp at 40 to 50. She is calm and resting nicely. They placed a stomach tube to take off the air that resulted from the pressurized oxygen that she needed for lungs. They have given some lasix to remove the excess fluid that was making her look puffy from the IV. They did not have to use a ventilator although they were considering it. She is much better than earlier. She has steadily gotten better since 10:30 Thursday night. Thanks so much for you intercession. Prayer works.
They have done physio on her twice now ( coupage ) and her chest is beginning too loosen up remarkably with some coughing up of a fair amount of mucous, none of which she likes.
She had some nutrition about 11 and then was sleeping by 12. Paul was spending the first watch ( scripturally the 3rd watch) with her then Nicole was taking over and Paul was going home to sleep and take Livia to Sunday School tomorrow where her teacher asked her to help with the class then I believe she is to stay with Stephanie her teacher till 1. I think Laurel will be at the hospital at 8 to relieve Nicole.
Lexxi’s heart repair has been put off until June from March 24th because her heart and lungs need to be clear at least 6 weeks for that surgery.
Pray that her heart and lungs would repair appropriately. I’ve been praying that her head would form in such a way that she wouldn’t need more surgery for that and that her heart would heal totally including the hole. Our God is great and is able.
I want you to know how much we appreciate your time spent in prayer for Lexxi. I believe the Lord is preserving her for a great work in her calling. She carries a lot of the piece of the Lord on her and she certainly will have a testimony.
Thanks and may the Lord pour His blessings out to you for this investment that you have made.
Love from the Zakharia and the Firth family.

And from Cordoba Argentina, thanks for your prayers. So far all is well.