A special prayer request for Thursday Aug 1, 2013

alexxaAlexxa is 21months old and has had 3 surgeries and overall she has been doing great. Cognitively she is developing as a typical child would. We have visited 11 doctors and recently her London Neurosurgeon asked if she could take her case to a neurosurgery conference in France for input on what to do. The biggest concern with Alexxa’s condition is her blood flow issues. To fix her craniosynostosis (fusion of the skull bones) her skull needs to be opened and reshaped. However in her case we cannot make an incision on her scalp that does not involve cutting through the very vascular superficial vessels on her head that in her case are draining her brain. If we make an incision and cut through these vessels there is a 1 in 2 chance of death or a stroke.
We are going to see our neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon for the first time together EVER this Thursday Aug 1. They will develop a plan to bring her eyes (orbitz) closer together, and make a brow line. The distractors would be tightened daily in hospital forcing the bone to reshape over time (similar to having braces) involving a hospitalization up to 2 months. This procedure has to be done before she is 2.5yrs old (May 2014) but timing is crucial. Eventually her brain will run out of physical space to grow into. The bone distractor method cannot be used if the bone is too soft, but at 2.5yrs old the bone becomes too brittle to reshape.
We are asking for your prayer support to give them wisdom to know when, where, how…to progress. We need an incision path to get her bone plates off without a blood flow catastrophe…this is our #1 thing…we know God can do ALL things!
Paul and Nicole