The way we are learning is changing…

The way we are learning is changing...

The way we are learning is changing…

…so how do we make disciples?

At one time learning was simply connected to teaching. Information was delivered, processed and evaluated. The sermon was effective because people were available and not distracted; they trusted the information source, the professionals knew how to do their job and the system worked. Objective truth was valued and it was taken for granted that it was useful.

Then somethings changed: Options multiplied and people became distracted and time deprived. Trust eroded in the institutions. People’s beliefs were guided by trust in someone in their social circle and that circle greatly expanded through the Internet. People craved real experience and not just theory. Life became messy, lonely and unpredictable. Story and discussion took ascendancy over information delivery.

We can link a sequence of learning methods that relate to people where they are and how they learn. While we do not change the Biblical content, we do adjust how it is delivered. The following chart captures the learning options and details.

40 Days of Discipleship provides a personal learning environment that responds to these needs.