More on the power of fractals for discipleship

Hunting the hidden dimension
This presentation on Fractals (2008) is an excellent explanation if you want to understand this realm of mathematics.

It made me think of reasons why the fractal analysis of the disciple-making process is necessary! (Versus considering this a mildly confusing curiosity.)
1) The fractal concepts makes visible the multiplying of labourers in the way Jesus did it, or reveal other patterns we may be using.
2) This enables us to observe the predictability of the pattern so what we do on a small scale in either design or measurement can be extrapolated to a big scale. As a consequence it makes the situation measureable. (See the example of tree and forest in the PBS video). What an individual does can be applied to a congregation; what a congregation does can be applied to a denomination; what a denomination does can be applied to the national church climate etc. It is easier to design and measure on the smaller scale (probably the only way to do it.)
3) It makes the method scalable. As long as the right things are iterated (repeated after each time the pattern is scaled to the next level) then what will work on a small scale will work on a big scale.

Visibility, predictability and scalability are crucial factors to multiply disciples using the pattern Jesus used. Understanding fractals will give you an insight into this process.