Lexxi’s next surgery

Thanks for ALL your prayers. God has been working miracles.

Lexxi’s mom writes:Her two surgeons have decided that it is time to take her back to the operating room. We are scheduled to go next Wednesday November 13th in the afternoon. They have slotted a 4 hour time frame. They are intending to remove the halo. However in order to do this they must reopen her incision (which is almost completely healed) and remove the internal hardware from the skull. They will then place up to 5 bridge like plates across her bones to hold her forehead in the place. As you know, its been distracted forward from her skull. This will force it to stay in place as the bone grows together and prevent it from regressing back towards her skull and loosing the space that we have gained for her brain.
A couple things… they are uncertain that Lexxi will be able to grow enough bone to fill the space between her head and the new placement of her forehead. (we have achieved more space then expected which is a positive thing). Secondly, if they remove the halo and the bone has not grown in the forehead will regress back and we will loose the space we have gained. The other thing the neurosurgeon is concerned about is infection of her brain shunt which could come from bacteria that attaches to the screws/pins on the halo. If her shunt becomes infected it is an emergency surgical procedure to remove the shunt and treat with antibiotics. Lastly the concern with the halo continually coming loose and the safety of the halo not being bumped ect is a difficult situation. She has not been able to crawl (which she LOVES to do) since Sept 30th. It is most awkward to even hold her. All this being said she has done amazingly well. She has spent a great deal of time in her walker and its apparent that she is going to walk soon!

Tomorrow we will celebrate Lexxi’s 2nd birthday. She has faced more in this last 2 years then many have to face in their lifetime. I am certain that God has a plan for her little life. We have already witnessed many miracles big and small. Please continue to pray for her as she faces this next step in our journey. She is expected to recover faster then the last procedure but there are similar risks associated with this procedure. It is unfortunate that they have to go back and reopen her same incision (this was not expected) fully but the benefits outweigh the risks. I am setting up another 24 hour prayer watch and would appreciate so much if you would once again join us with your prayers through this next step in our journey for our dear sweet girl.

I will once again do my best to provide updates the day of her procedure right on the prayer watch link. Please click on the link below to add your name beside a time…

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