Day 40 of 40 Days of Discipleship: A Time of Testing

Jude 1:20-21
But you, dear friends, by building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life.

Congratulations for finishing these 40 days. We have looked at the DNA of discipleship (Divine truth, Nurturing relationships and Apostolic mission) and practiced the being, doing and thinking related to faith in Jesus. We said at the beginning that 40 days was a time of testing where something significant was going to happen. Do you have any idea what that might be? Don’t worry if it is not yet clear because sometimes growth is invisible. Sometimes it is something that others can see but we don’t see in ourselves. Sometimes it is a feeling or a conviction but sometimes it is simply having survived the test. For whatever the results, rejoice! Thank God! Celebrate the accomplishment. Tell someone else as your example of perseverance may be of great encouragement and an example to follow. And express your gratitude to God for such a Savior as Jesus Christ.

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