Discipleship Pathways

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1. Five Smooth Stones | Story Telling

This is a 5-step story-telling journey to discover what gives a deeper life, fulfilling purpose and sustaining happiness.

This is a good place to start if you wonder what is the place for God, others and your own self in figuring life out. We tell our stories and determine our priorities no matter where we are in our faith journey. 

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2. On the Jesus Road | Meeting Jesus

This series follows the Gospel of John and examines 5 different patterns of Jesus’ teaching and example.

Journey with Jesus to see the miracles he performed, what he said about himself and us, the conditions he placed on following him and the story of people who witnessed his death and resurrection.

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3. The DNA of Discipleship | New Life

The DNA of discipleship forms the genetic code for following Jesus.

This practice uses three simple ways to daily learn from Jesus through:

  • Bible reading and prayer
  • Asking questions and listening in nurturing relationships
  • Praying for kingdom workers.

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4. The 5 Verbs of Learning | Learning to Learn

Jesus said he was the Verb who gives action to all of life (John 1:1)

This series examines the 5 verbs that deepen our learning and faith experience with Jesus. It enables us to move from passive listening to an active participation in the Kingdom of God. This helps learners take initiative in seeking God and applying what they are learning.

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5. Making Disciples

Jesus called us to freely give away what we have freely received from him.

By imitating the process Jesus used, we can multiply the blessing he generously gives to others. This series outlines the basic questions concerning disciple-making. Additional resources for group leaders and coaches are available.

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