Will This Rock in Rio?

Will This Rock in Rio
Will this Rock in Rio by Ken Lottis. This is an excellent book that traces the ministry path of Ken Lottis and friends in Brazil as the forerunners of our own 15 years in Latin America. It gives a poignant look behind the scenes in how they figured out the disciple-making ministry at a time when everyone else was using a standard model.
Their ‘5 A’ model is interesting (from Portuguese : Ambiance, Friendship, Acceptance, Helps, Nourishment and Adoration) is a relational intensive commitment to one another and to their circles of influence as a result of following Christ. It is refreshingly genuine and Bible based while not needing to stick to traditional patterns. This is an excellent example of fractals and the narrative used to explain it as well as an excellent illustration of the fractal process taken seriously to develop a coherent, Biblical and culturally-adaptive model.
I highly recommend that you purchase in Amazon.