Why I believe things must change

Why I believe in challenging the status quo of the church today:
1) Jesus used a method in disciple making that we have too easily discounted as not workable today. Or we say we subscribe to it, but put so much other stuff in front of it that we trivialize it.
2) The present system is toxic to leaders. These article from the Francis Schaeffer Institute are a must read: church stats, Pastor stats
3) The present system is unsustainable economically at best and at worst it is diverting important giving resources to the missionary mandate and in doing substantial acts of good that overcome evil.
4) People are bored. They jump through the hoops, remain unengaged and slowly roll over and die.
5) So much is changing. We need to examine our core. There are a few things we need to be hold on to for dear life and many things we need to be willing to adapt. “Changing everything” or “changing nothing “ is a recipe for irrelevance.