Why I am starting this….

I have been a follower of Jesus for around 40 years and find myself wondering where I am going on this journey. I confess I am tired of listening to information and while I do not mean to criticize the well-intentioned work of so many ministers, I long to keep learning and serving with new enthusiasm and not just respond to the programme. The needs of institutions no longer qualify as a calling to me.

I think there is a place to start a learning journey with others who feel the same. Of course belong to a local expression of church or faith community of your choice. At the same time participate in a interest-specific gathering of people that is completely informal and centers around what you want to learn experientially. (We take no offerings, manage no budget, have no regular meetings and no formalized membership so we are not competing with anybody). But we can be a community that learns something significant.

1) We can connect with others who have a specific interest and crave a learning experience. (There is a discussion forum where you can propose an idea.)
2) Risk is faith applied. We have an over-abundance of information and too little experience. Let’s learn our way through life! Let’s risk!
3) I especially want to learn to risk in helping others find the Kingdom so they can get to know our king. Somehow our conversations are not getting through. Why?
4) Here the learning is driven by you! What do you want to learn? Who can you connect with? The world is our classroom.

Would love to hear from you,