Upate on Lexxi. Please pray…

From Nicole:
Lexxi has a persistent fever and now is severely dehydrated not being able to hold fluid or food for the last 30 hours but instead dry heaves and vomiting. We have been at emerg with her all afternoon. We are just getting ready to have an IV placed to rehydrate and then they will re access once we catch her fluids up. She’s been on Advil and Tylenol round the clock since Saturday nite. She acts like she has a serious migraine holding her head, crying and just really not well. I tried giving her small amounts of fluid for several hours this morning and she rested well. She then sat up and vomited everything up. Once rehydrated hoping she will return to her happy self. We are not sure.

At this point if there is something more going on with her head- hardware or shunt especially with the two episodes of vomiting and migraines etc. the last two Wednesdays while at Sick Kids. We are treating the symptoms and time will tell if the symptoms persist w treatment whether it’s something more or just a bug! It’s been somewhat of a frustrating journey and I’ve been in bed this weekend myself with the flu. Mum is also fighting a bug. This last two weeks has been an uphill battle all the way. Things must get better soon ­čÖé God give us wisdom.

We appreciate your continued support and prayers and thought it good to keep you all in the loop!