Trip to Argentina

Dear Prayer Team,
I am planning a trip to Argentina from March 4 to April 3 where I will be teaching discipleship and a project management courses to missionary candidates from 5 Latin countries as well as visiting a few churches, events and lots of family visits.
Please pray that God will send out many labourers for the harvest. That I will keep healthy and safe in travels and to be a blessing, especially sensitive to the Spirit to change plans as needed.
On Saturdays March 15, 22 and 29, I will be leading the candidates into the barrios where we practice a listening evangelism being available and alert, responding to conversations that may develop and asking for open doors for friendships and opportunities to serve that can lead to ministry.
The fours Sunday (9,16,23 and 30) I will be speaking in churches and my teaching days are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays . And in between I hope to be in the home of 15 families, listening to their kingdom stories and encouraging them along.
Argentina is in an economic meltdown again which increases suffering and violence. These candidates will be asking how to raise support. They are not allowed to take dollars out of the country and they are charged a 35% tax on any use of their credit card ouside of the country. (This is on top of a deflated currency) Please pray that God will make something new to help them.
Thanks for your prayer.