Three Implications of the fractal we choose for discipleship

The fractal we chose in discipleship has great implications.

Implication #1

The broccoli versus pumpkin illustration reveals that  parenting will be much more effective when sets of parents are reproduced instead of just adding children in an orphanage type scenario. (See “Let me change your understanding…” )





Implication #2

Our fractal can either promote or inhibit self-organizing learning. Self-organizing learning has far greater potential than running programmes because it does not require outside control. Becoming parents is a good example.  To review self-organizing learning I recommend these two 1 Minute Learners:

Implication #3

The job for the pastor is becoming increasingly impossible in our high entitlement, consumer culture. The pastor simply cannot spiritually parent all the congregation. This needs to be done in small family type relationships.Review some statistics from the Francis Shaeffer Institute on how pastors are faring: