The last Bible translator is alive today!

“The last Bible translator is alive today!”

This week I virtually attended the Mobile Ministry Forum in Orlando and was blown away by the quote above.

Let me explain. It means the job of translating the Scriptures into the last language on earth will be done by someone who is probably already born. It doesn’t mean we are done, but we can see the finish line from here. We are close to having the Scriptures in every tongue. Now all we need to do is to go to every nation.

You know what it makes me think?

• It’s time to pull out all the stops and to get the job done.
• It’s time to stop babbling, dabbling, dilly-dallying and shilly-shalling.
• It’s time to burn the bridges and to go for broke.
• It’s time to raise the sails and stoke the boiler.
• It’s time to plug in the GPS and start driving in the right direction.
• It’s time to mobilize a million labourers to make disciples who engage the nations.

Start the 40 Days of Discipleship with somebody NOW.

I will coach you as best I can, but you will need local face-to-face encouragement. So invite 3 other people and plan to start in January. If you tried it before, try it again. Discover a new facet of learning about God. Involve someone else and you instantly become one of the million workers. And when another gets excited and involves someone else, there’s another worker.

We can do this!

PS Thank you to those who took the survey on the discipleship problem. Very perceptive analysis! I would love another 20 or 30 responses and then will present a summary.