Summer Discipleship Project

                      Summer Discipleship Project

Summertime things wind down and it is easy to coast in our relationships with God and others. Consider if God would have you participate in a challenge of meeting with one other believer for mutually discipleship this summer. (Meet as often as you can and see what works the best. There will be interruptions but that is OK.)

This will help build spiritual DNA:

  • Divine Truth (all the ways to learn from the Scriptures through reading, listening, studying etc.)
  • Nurturing Relationships (set aside some regular time to prioritize another person’s growth.)
  • Apostolic Mission (responding to God’s call for my life.)

 D: Mutually define a Scriptural intake goal for the week. If either misses, both repeat the goal. It should be ‘intentionally mindful’. This means it should be big enough to stretch us and something we won’t accomplish without intentional effort. A suggestion is to aim for reading about 5 chapters a day. For example we each decide to read the Epistle of Romans twice in a week. If either of us is unable to do that, we both use the same goal next week. If we accomplish the goal, we choose another book to read. This is an interesting dynamic in discipleship because all of a sudden what I do is really affecting someone else.

N: Five Questions for Growth: Use these questions for a guideline in your discussion together. It is often difficult to have this sense of accountability even in a small group but with one other believer it is easier.

  • How have you sensed God’s presence?
  • What do you think He is teaching you?
  • How have you been responding to what he has said/shown you?
  • What risks have you taken for God?
  • What sin do you need to confess?

 A: Pray Luke 10:2 daily. There are not many commands in the Bible that specify what to pray. It is interesting that Jesus said we should pray for labourers to be thrust out into the harvest. You might be surprised how He answers this prayer, how you begin to pray differently and what it does to your priorities and objectives. Set your phone alarm for 10:02 am to jog your memory to pray.

By the end of the summer each strand in the DNA can pass this on to another and the number of  labourers for discipleship has multiplied!

Today is the start of summer! Let’s meet at the end of summer (Thursday Sept 20,  8 pm EST for an hour). Those in Guelph can come to our house and others can join us online, to process what we have learned from this experience. Anyone anywhere can participate! Let me know if you want to be counted in this project so I can pray along with you and we can cheer each other on.  Write me if you have questions or suggestions.

Lord, we beg you in Jesus’ name to thrust us out into the harvest.

Here is a 3×5 card as a job aid to remind you of the basic ideas.

I would be happy to meet/Skype  with any individual or pair who would like to try this. I am available to do anything I can do to move from theory to practice.