Please pray for Lexxi

Hello Everyone,
Lexxi woke up screaming on Sunday at 6am with another migraine…lots of vomiting, and just miserable. At 6pm last nite she still was not any where near recovered. In fact her left eye was completely swollen closed. She has been admitted to the floor and has been on IV Fluids to rehydrate as she was very dehydrated with all the vomiting and lack of fluid and ability to hold anything down.
The Dr. has ordered a CT of her head. This will evaluate her bone structure, size of brain ventricles and shunt tubing. In other words…check for a shunt blockage which could cause pressure and check the physical space available in her head for her brain. She is thinking that all her bones have probably fused since her surgery and with the way her forehead has sucken back she may be out of physical space for her brain and this could be what is causing these nasty headaches. She is suffering with a mild fever (but is also cutting her last two molars).

We go at 230pm today for her CT Scan (which is equivalent to the radiation of 2000 xrays) of the head and will have further answers after that. If it is a shunt blockage or physical space issue, she will have surgery immediately. The Dr. does not know how to create more space at this point due to her external blood flow issues. She has not had her PDA heart repair yet either so this makes for high blood pressure and further risk of bleeding and air getting into her vessels causing the heart not to beat during any cranial procedure.

We need a miracle…please pray for wisdom for all involved and comfort & peace for Lexxi. I am feeling extremely weary…its so hard to see her like this…I will keep you posted as we know more.

Thanks in advance for all your support,
Nicole, Paul, Livi and Lexxi Zakharia