Please keep praying! Alexxa is doing better

Hello Everyone,
Just an update to say that Lexxi made a turn and is doing a lot better again. None of the docs understand why she made a turn as she turned before she was medicated with any antibiotics! She did have an anti vomiting drug and rehydration with iv fluids. She was discharged from hospital on Saturday am. She had a great day Sunday and is doing very well. She is on antibiotics “just to be safe” and cover her for any type of infection…
The main thing at this point is keeping her well hydrated to help prevent head aches that make her unable to function.

As of right now we are scheduled for Sick Kids heart procedure July 8th. If she is well enough sooner her neurosurgeon wants us to go asap. We know from this last set of tests (Cat Scan ect) that her physical skull space is limited for the brain and she needs to have her skull bones remodelled again soon to accommodate. As previously explained this cannot be safely done till her heart procedure is completed. We will be meeting with her surgeons on Friday aft at 2pm to discuss her next cranial surgery and hardware removal.

Once again thank you so much for all your prayers and support in everyway. We appreciate it so much. I will keep you updated as I can-blessings to all!