Pizza Discipleship

'How-to-make-pizza Discipleship
Start ’em young and show ’em how“, I say. I am here with my two budding master pizzeros.

This is the way we should learn so many things: experientially.

Someday Jonathan and Andrew will be making pizzas for their kids and they will say, “Here is how you do it. Now let me see you do this now.”

Or we could sit them down in rows and give theory classes on making pizza. Like that would be really fun?

I was surprised to read in John 4:1, “Jesus Himself was not baptizing but His disciples were.” Right off the bat, even before His Second Miracle (v.54), he was already teaching them how.

How many of us have ever baptized anybody? Wouldn’t that change the dynamic of your home group?

So let’s get flour on our hands and floor and let’s just learn together.

Question: What things in church should we teach this way? I would love to hear your ideas.


PS. By the way, Jon and Andrew’s parents just did their Sunday school class on rocket making out in the parking lot. I can guarantee they had everyone’s attention. I can just imagine the conversation around the dinner table after church and the kids not wanting to wait until next Sunday to go back.