Paths of Discipleship Tool

paths demoThe goal of the Paths of Discipleship Tool is to turn discipleship from a noun to a verb, offering increasingly difficult challenge levels for the practice of 5 learning verbs that emulate the discipleship process that Jesus used. A quick overview is available there by clicking the lightning bolt icon on the top right of the screen when you open it. A workshop is included on how it is used in the box below the chart (only first 3 links are working on that). Here is a master chart that maps out the rubric.

    The long term goal is to offer dozens of choices for each rubric square and have some kind of user profile generated that would order the possibilities according to interest/ learning preference etc.
    Each activity would have a like/dislike/ feedback/ bookmarking mechanism so it can be improved as we see what type of activities get traction. And there would be a backend that could give a global view of who is doing what.
    The demo version has a whole bunch of things still in development but it gives a visual of what could be there.

How this is unique:

    Activities for discipling are available on the portable device to be used when meeting anywhere, like questions to ask or referring back to resources or capturing ideas. Think of it as a job aid in providing just-in-time coaching.
    Activities are built around empowering disciplers and disciples through imagination, connection, risk, reflection and celebration.
    The system can be made ‘smart’ by offering choices, getting feedback, seeing what works and improving as it goes along.
    It is massively scalable, since you do not need to get everyone doing the same thing at the same time yet still sharing common objectives.
    Activities are offered at the appropriate challenge level, so it is not just for beginners. More experienced learners can be engaged and encouraged to reach out in mentoring other as well as be challenged themselves.

This can also to be used independently of any technology.  This worksheet  can be helpful in your devotional time as you “think these verbs”.
Please let me know your ideas, suggestions and resources to include.