If Jesus came as a learner, what about you?

Christmas is over and New Year has begun. The lesson that I have had on my mind is why Jesus had to come as a baby. Weak, defenseless, needy… all show God’s upside down way of working. He also came as a learner. He had to learn everything. (And he already knew everything but left it aside to show us how.) He grew in wisdom and stature and favour with God and people (Luke 2:52). We shouldn’t overlook this fundamental fact that it wasn’t just saying a prayer, attending events or subscribing to a set of beliefs. He couldn’t have demonstrated how to live out His purposes more integrally than showing us how to learn.
We have reduced this to sermons, courses, classes, compartments in or thinking and in our lives. This works really well to ‘keep the cup clean on the outside’. I want Him to keep transforming me on the inside.

“For all that was…¸Thanks! For all that is to come…Yes!” Dag Hammarskjöld