I need your help to assess the discipleship problem…

I need your help. Please list the #s in the comment section and in order of priority, your top 5 reasons why discipleship is a problem in the church today. (Or comment with your own reasons or why it is not a problem.)

I want to use this to improve my pre- and post-asessment survey in the 40 days of discipleship.

Here is a sample list in no order of priority…
1. People are confused about what discipleship is.
2. People don’t know how to make disciples.
3. People don’t feel they are qualified to make disciples.
4. People don’t have the time to make disciples.
5. People think it is the pastor’s job to make disciples.
6. People go to church for other reasons than making disciples.
7. People don’t have the right tools to make disciples.
8. People have no one to help them make disciples.
9. People don’t get enough practice in making disciples.
10. People don’t have a simple system to make disciples.
11. People are afraid they might fail in trying to make disciples.
12. People don’t feel they are authorized to make disciples.
13. People lack a real passion for making disciples.
14. Traditional disciple-making methods are not working as well as before.
15. Pastors are too busy to make disciples.
16. The church doesn’t really expect people to make disciples.
17. The church’s programmes absorb all the energy and effort.
18. We see discipleship as an introductory exercise and not a life-long learning relationship with Jesus
19. We don’t recognize the opportunities the Holy Spirit is giving us to make disciples.
20. ______________________________________________________________