Why do I feel like I don’t ‘belong’ in church?

Toy tractor in china cabinet

The other day I found a toy tractor in the china cabinet. I thought, “This is the way I feel in church, like I don’t belong here.” There is nothing wrong with the tractor or the china for that matter, it is that they just don’t go together.

A tractor is meant to be:

  • used outside
  • moving
  • doing something useful
  • used every day
  • handled roughly

Good china is meant to be:

  • used inside
  • stored in a safe place
  • doing somethig pretty
  • used just on Sundays
  • handled delicately

There is nothing wrong in being a tractor or being good china. But a tractor feels out of place in a china cabinet.

What if we made church more like a barn?

We come into a barn to:

  • get out of the cold
  • get cleaned off
  • get repaired
  • be available to be used with other impliments
  • get ready for going out again into the fields

So what are you doing to make your church ‘tractor-friendly’? Let us know your comments.