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Dear Discipleship Team,
I am planning on viewing as much of this conference as I can via my desktop. I would love to participate with you. We can connect via Skype and make a virtual discussion group by texting back and forth. Look over the list of speakers and let me know when you are connecting on Skype. You will need to add me to your Skype list (username: jhklaas)
The shifts they propose in thinking are very profound!

Tuesday April 23
Shift 1 – From Reaching to MakingDiscipleShift occurs when church leaders move away from only reaching people and toward relational disciple making that apprentices people in the ways of Jesus.
1pm – 230pm: Session 1
Jim Putman
Francis Chan
3pm-4pm: Session 2Ed Stetzer (Ed hosting his weekly show The Exchange, Live from Exponential 2013)
Robert Coleman
Francis Chan
430pm – 530pm: Session 3
Kim Hammond
Lance Ford
Hugh Halter
Wednesday April 24
Shift 2 – From Teaching to Modeling (from Leading to being Led)
DiscipleShift occurs when church leaders move away from leading and toward being led by Jesus. Because leaders reproduce who they are, if we want to make strong, mature disciples, then we as leaders must first be strong, mature disciples.
845am-1015am: Session 4
Alan & Deb Hirsch
Larry Osborne
Craig Groeschel
1045am-1130am: Session 5
Dave Ferguson
Rick Warren
Craig Groeschel
Wayne Cordeiro
Larry Osborne
Chris Hodges
Shift 3 – From Attending to Participating
DiscipleShift occurs when church leaders shift their role from teaching to modeling, making disciples like Jesus did. Jesus’ strategy for influencing the world was apprenticing and equipping 12 disciples—as He modeled faith, service and leadership—and then commission these disciples to do the same with their lives.
1245pm-215pm: Session 6
Jo Saxton
Chris Hodges
Wayne Cordeiro
230pm-300pm: Session 7a
Jeff Vanderstelt
Shift 4 – From Connecting to Transforming
DiscipleShift occurs when we as leaders move away from assimilating people into programs and move toward creating missional communities. Communities created around a cause foster environments of encouragement, accountability and risk taking where disciple making happens best.
300pm-330pm: Session 7b
Brandon Hatmaker
4pm-530pm: Session 8
Mike Breen
John Burke
Randy Frazee
Thursday April 25
730am-815am – Morning Devotion / Bible Study
Rick Warren
845am-915am: Session 9a
Neil Cole
Shift 5 – From Attracting to Deploying
DiscipleShift occurs when leaders shift their focus from drawing in masses of people to leading churches who send equipped Christ followers to the masses. Our scorecards must change from simply counting the number of people we attract to counting the number of people we deploy.
915am-945am: Session 9b
Caesar Kalinowski
1015am-12pm: Session 10
Jen Hatmaker
Dave Ferguson
Andy Hawthorne