Another Update for Lexxi and her sister, Livia

(From Nicole, Naomi’s niece)
Lexxi is doing miraculously AMAAAZING! Her recovery has been an absolute miracle. 3 hours after her last surgery she was lying on mum in the hospital bed and mum had an overwhelming joy come over her with laughter. Lexxi began to giggle also it lasted a good 10-15 minutes. A few minutes later she sat up and signed and said “eat” she began eating crackers and from that moment on she’s been incredible. The very next morning less then 24 hours post surgery she was walking the hospital floor in her “pony” walker! One of the nurses (not caring for her) said “didn’t she just have surgery yesterday? and with tear filled eyes said…She is a miracle! ” Her swelling was surprisingly minimal. The prayers of all of you are truly evident in Lexxi’s life right before our very own eyes.

Paul and I are feeling weary and I am emotionally very tired but know that God will sustain us through this next journey with Livia. Her tonsils must come out. Scheduled for TOMORROW.