A Month on the Jesus Road

Imagine if you could spend a month on the road with Jesus?  You observe his actions, what he says and what he does. 

Imagine what he might ask you on this long walk.  Imagine your reaction and your questions… 

This is an unhurried investigation where you can interact with an historic eyewitness, the writer of the Gospel of John, and ponder what he says. 

John has carefully documented Jesus’ life and we will focus on 4 areas from this book of the Bible:

  • Did the miracles really happen?
  • Was Jesus God? What did he say about himself?
  • What did Jesus say about others? About us?
  • What choices does Jesus give? What does it mean to believe? To love?

You are invited on this journey for 5 minutes a day for one month. You will receive an email daily with a link which you can open on your phone. You can sign up for the whole series or start anywhere you want:

A Month on the Jesus Road

You will need to confirm your subscription from your email, then you will receive one link per day. You can cancel any time and it is free. We are looking forward to what we might learn together.