40 Days of a Learning Journey

I will be heading down to Puerto Rico (May 1 to 5, 2013) to give a course on discipleship and want to invite others to join us in prayer and to practice along side a spiritual exercise called 40 Days of a Learning Journey that they will be doing as a result of their course.
Here is an outline:

40 Days of a Learning Journey: 6 May to 14 June 2013

7 Minutes with God
• Pray
• Read a portion of the Scriptures (start in one of the Gospels)
• Reread
• Pick a favorite verse (writing it down can be helpful)
• Pray

DNA (Adapted from Neil Cole)

Divine Truth
Nurturing Relationships (meet regularly with another learner)
Apostolic Mission

D:With another learner, pursue a weekly goal of Scripture reading (see: 7 Minutes with God). Consider, if either misses, both repeat the readings.

N: Discuss together Five Questions for Growth
• How have you sensed God’s presence?
• What do you think He is teaching you?
• How have you been responding to what he has shown you?
• What risks have you taken for God?
• Are there struggles you need to confidentially deal with?

A: Pray Luke 10:2 daily for more harvest workers and see what happens. (Set phone alarm for 10:02 to remind you of the Scripture passage)

Goal: ___/40 How many times have you had a devotional time?
Goal: ___/40 How many times have you prayed Luke 10:2?
Goal: ___/5 How many times have you met with another learner? (If the person becomes unavailable, try meeting with another.)

Personal Reflection (Goal: by the end of June)
1. What difference has the DNA experience made? How can it be improved?
2. How do you imagine your spiritual learning journey to be like this next year?
3. What would you need in order for this to happen? (resources, opportunity, encouragement etc.)

Remember these exercises are like training wheels on a bike, to get the rider started but afterward taken off. The long-term pattern is unique for each person in their spiritual journey with Jesus.

Would you like to join us? Please let me know if you are participating so we can pray. Do you have questions or need more explanation? jhklaasATgmail.com (change the AT to @) Put in as the Subject: 40 Days…. I would love it if you could join us and to read your reflections on the exercises.