3 Incentives for Turning Discipleship into a Verb

This  4 minute YouTube video presents some interesting analysis why the NRA in the States is so powerful in resisting gun control  http://youtu.be/Pdt6Jj64TVU

Leaving aside this specific issue, (although I don’t think we should be selling automatic weapons), I think the idea of the 3 factors for success is worth discussing:

  • Individual benefits,
  • selective incentives and
  • group size

And I would liketo think about how we can increase collaboration on “Turning discipleship into a verb”.

  • Group size: Yep we are a small size so that is an advantage. Your participation really matters.
  • Individual benefits: you get to study, work on, apply, promote areas of learning that YOU think is important. We have an almost infinite capacity for diversity in growth themes that are placed into the rubric. All they have to do is relate to the 5 verbs of social learning, be streamed into challenge levels and that somehow you find Jesus in the process. Since He is Creator, Sustainer, Saviour and Lord of all, that is a very high probability that He is integral in almost every process.
  • Selective incentives: Get involved now and help shape the process. You get to put your fingerprints all over the project. That is the payoff for constructing ideas together.   A good place to start is to invest an hour to review the workshop found in the links below the multicoloured table. Click on CONCEPTUALIZE to start http://www.devedinternational.net/rubric/story.html

Can you think of other individual benefits and selective incentives that would help build collaboration? I would love to hear.