3 fractal components of mobilediscipleship.org

Mobile Discipleship is a creedal, non-exclusive and learner-driven (minimalist) structure.

  • Creedal means we gather around: “Jesus Christ is Lord”. Participants may not yet embrace that belief but they need to know that this is why we call it church.
  • Non-exclusive means people can concurrently belong to any faith community (or not). We want to work together and are not in competition with anybody.
  • Learner-driven means it is the job of each learner to connect with others to make experiential learning happen.
  • Minimalist means that as an institution, regular offerings will not be taken, nor weekly meetings organized, nor programmes administered, nor buildings owned nor a hierarchy promoted.
  • We will encourage the formation of Micro-teams which will meet in any format they choose. We will celebrate together as often as possible what we are learning in Micro-teams and make space for the formation of new teams to embark on learning adventures. Participants will cover their own ministry costs and membership is expressed by participation. Promotion will be by WOM (word of mouth).

Because of God, we will ‘behave our way into a new way of thinking’.